Wednesday, August 31, 2005

good typeface/bad typeface

this text caught my eye because of the form of the use of straight lines with the curved edges it gives it a slick look in my opinion. it also it a good typeface in my opinion because it can be applied to a lot of different medias. i could see it on a poster for the goverment, like maybe to spruse up the look of there image to a younger audience. i could also see it though on a poster for a science covention because it gives off that science look to it. i believe that it is a very modern type also, that is why i like it so much. thats why it is so good in my opinion.

this text is really bad, it is so hard to read and doesn't look very versital at all. it is centered at one group the modern look. which causes the typeface only to be used in modern projects. unlike the other typeface which is also a modern this typefaces kerning is to close together giving it that bunched up look which it astedically hard to manage and also very hard to comprehend. also i just don;t see like goverment offices using this typeface i mean it's great for the science and other things like that but that is about it for what it can be used for. and that in my opinion doen't make a good typeface at all. thats why this typeface is so horrible to me.


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