Sunday, October 02, 2005

And the type says...

Well by just looking at the type face you can tell what mood the writer wants you to be in if he wants you to be happy he/she might use a bubbly type like Bazooka to portray a lively funny fun atmosphere, but then again he can make it serious just by making it thin and adding serifs to it. Type is the universal way to produce emotion but no real picture minus the shape of the type face. I know when I see something like times or Helvetica I think formal or business like but when I see Rockwell, or Bazooka I think fun and lively. That's what type can do to people if your trained or not it can make you feel something that's why people use different types for there signs/business cards they want the consumer (us) to get what here selling just by the words that are used and the type face that is used also. That about all I have to say about the gist of what type can tell us.


Blogger karuna said...

interesting... nevr thought about it but kinda true. You don't really get business cards in comic sans...

8:06 AM

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