Sunday, October 02, 2005

Type is here, type is there, type is...

Everywhere around us we see type weather it is good type or bad type we see it and appreciate it to a degree. Now the other day after reading the book I was looking at a newspaper we always get at my house and that I have read in the past. Just to see what the book was talking about with the whole we like the pictures and the titles to the articles to see what was up and why my family and myself liked that newspaper. It was because of those things that we liked the paper the pictures were not all that peculated and the type was readable for the most part I mean I never really looked at the paper before then and saw all the typography in it between the ads and the articles everything looked different I could point out that the kerning between the letters wasn't enough and that most of the letters had ligatures connecting them. But for the most part I didn't see any widows or orphans in the paper well maybe a few but not everyone is a typographer.

next is the signs like the road signs and there I totally agree with the book they suck there was no graphic designer or typographer there to tell them what looks good they decided to make it up on their own and they suck big time I mean come on a child could have done better than that with their eyes closed I mean there wasn't any regard to anything in the design principles at all and I bet that's why people hate road sings because there not appealing to any sense at all.


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