Sunday, October 02, 2005

What is type?

Well at first I though it was just letters on a page to make words I never thought it was what it is at all. I mean I kind of knew about the progression of type to where it is now but I never knew them all and I never could tell a difference between a lot of them and the face that people though it was a fad to create type is quite amusing to say the least but what I have learned about type and how it's made is amazing to say the least from hand writing the calligraphy to carving out the blocks of wood for each letter to then making it out of metal is so interesting I mean to understand the history of type would take years but I do have a much better understanding of it as a whole. It is also interesting to here how different countries created type and how different each was from region to region. It s also quite comical how the times have changed and what we wanted from type has changed with it a lot have changed over the times but type had the biggest jumps in achieving where it is today.


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